15 What are all the James Bond films and who played Bond?

These had survived from the Edwardian days and they were secluded and gay in white and gilt, with the red silk-shaded table and wall lights of the late Empire. With Mathis gone, her attitude towards him showed a sudden warmth. She seemed to acknowledge that they were a team and, as they discussed the time and place of their meeting, Bond realized that it would be quite easy after all to plan the details of his project with her. He felt that after all she was interested and excited by her role and that she would work willingly with him. He had imagined many hurdles before establishing a rapport, but now he felt he could get straight down to professional details. He was quite honest to himself about the hypocrisy of his attitude towards her. As a woman, he wanted to sleep with her but only when the job had been done. After a cold shower, he sat at the writing-table in front of the window. He looked out at the beautiful day and consumed half a pint of iced orange juice, three scrambled eggs and bacon and a double portion of coffee without sugar.

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Action movies are usually about a conflict between a hero or a group of heroes and one or more villains. In the Batman movies, for example, Batman’s the hero and he’s always in conflict with a criminal who’s the villain. We see them trying to defeat one another in exciting action scenes, but we also see other scenes that build up to and follow on from these scenes. Movies like these almost always reach a climax near the end in which the hero and the villain meet for a final battle. This climax usually includes some of the movie’s most spectacular scenes and special effects.

Bond then recruits Evelyn Tremble, author of a book on card playing, to enter the Casino Royale and play against the master card player Le Chiffre, who is a SMERSH agent. Behind the SMERSH plot is eventually found to be Bond’s diminutive nephew Jimmy who suffers from an inferiority complex and is planning to release a bacillus that will kill off every man in the world over the height of 4’6″. Funnily enough, Jimmy Bond returned one more time in the 1967 version of Casino Royale, which transformed Fleming’s book into an elaborate spoof of spy movies… including the Bond franchise. So sure, Barry Nelson may not be the definitive James Bond. But there’s no question that he’s the very best Jimmy Bond. Peter Sellers (yes, Peter Sellers!) became a Bond. Woody Allen’s Bond is revealed to be the less-than-genius, devious leader of SMERSH forces, with an apocalyptic scheme to render every man in the world short, like he is. Orson Welles played SMERSH operative Le Chiffre in an incoherent part. The climax of the film was the most raucous silliness ever filmed. When you play slots for cash online, the casino should not close your account without a good explanation.

Actress who played 007’s love interest in a 1954 TV movie of Casino Royale has died

Bond looked across into the eyes of murky basalt. As the game went on, Bond looked over the spectators leaning on the high brass rail round the table. They stood behind and to either side of the banker. They looked respectable enough, but not sufficiently a part of the game to be unobtrusive. The other players sensed a tension between the two gamblers and there was silence as Le Chiffre fingered the four cards out of the shoe. He slowly removed one thick hand from the table and slipped it into the pocket of his dinner-jacket. The hand came out holding a small metal cylinder with a cap which Le Chiffre unscrewed. He inserted the nozzle of the cylinder, with an obscene deliberation, twice into each black nostril in turn, and luxuriously inhaled the benzedrine vapour. ‘Neuf à la banque,’ quietly said the croupier. Le Chiffre’s two cards followed them with a faint rattle which comes from the canister at the beginning of each session before the discards have made a cushion over the metal floor of their oubliette.

If a movie has many sequels, they form a series like the X-Men series. From the beginning, Craig didn’t inhabit the role so much as infiltrate it. Burrowing into Fleming’s novels, he set out to restore the character’s core of inner turmoil and professional cruelty. And he’s been chafing against the tropes and gimmickry of the formula ever since he ordered a vodka martini in Casino Royale and, asked if it should be shaken or stirred, snapped, “Do I look like I give a damn? ” But no matter how hard he tries to exert control over the franchise, Craig’s frustration with it only seems to intensify. He’s still an aging mortal overwhelmed by a machine of movie-making that outlasts anyone who steps behind the wheel. In that sense, he operates like a double agent, toggling between hero and anti-hero in a dystopian franchise that he tries to subvert at every turn. His resentment and impatience are palpable, in and out of character.

Despite the title of the new film, after threatening to walk away more than once, Daniel Craig has sworn that No Time to Die will be his final Bond performance. It’s the most expensive film in the history of the franchise, with an estimated budget of US$250 million. It may also be the most concerted effort yet to drag cinema’s most iconic alpha male kicking and screaming into a world of gender fluidity, obscene wealth, viral racism and catastrophic climate change. It would be enough to drive Ian Fleming’s Bond to drink. By contrast, the films settled into their groove early and were disinclined to depart therefrom. So we’ve had four decades of the pre-credits sequence, the song, the titles with the naked girls morphing into pistols and harpoons, Q saying “Oh, grow up, 007,” the double entendres (“I’m afraid something’s come up”), etc. Whether it’s a smart move to dump the formula, as the new movie does, remains to be seen. But, as with the allegedly stale formula, almost all the “new” gritty, tough Bond comes direct from Fleming. Seeing the sensitive side of Bond is a path that the series started down in Casino Royale, though we got plenty of characteristically brutish behaviour throughout Craig’s appearances. So the filmmakers clearly wanted to use this final time with Craig to reflect on the character – more than I can recall any other Bond movie doing.

‘Leave me for a little,’ she said and a new note had come into her voice. ‘Let me think for a little.’ She kissed his face and held it between her hands. ‘Darling, I’m trying to do what’s best for us. I’m in a frightful…’ She wept again, clutching him like a child with nightmares. She said nothing and her hands were lifeless in his. She was clutching the edge of the table with both hands.

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