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Lamouche took the lead in coordinating the group, which eventually solidified around five people all determined to undertake a meaningful project for the community and for themselves. They are Mike Dubois, Shawna Étienne, Tahkwa Nelson, Andrew Gabriel and James Nelson. A program that looks to stimulate self-realization and social change, idAction’s core principle is to nurture projects that come from participants’ own ideas and initiative. The only way all of this works is if readers who appreciate our work step up to support it. We’re looking for more people to sign up for a monthly or annual commitment to help us meet our budget goals and plan ahead for the future. The Olympian and Mohawk activist will be discussing her experiences in the 1990 Oka crisis, involvement in the Olympics, and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Save Paint Night in Rockland – Fireflies at G.A.B.’s to your collection. Save Live music with Bruce & Guy to your collection. Wearing a Battle of Oka t-shirt under his open jacket, he said he has spent time at the Glebe land because he thought that was a worthy cause. Toulouse earned her Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, . Her work has been exhibited internationally for over 30 years for which she has received numerous awards such as the Hnatyshyn Foundation Reveal Art National Award Prize . Janice Toulouse’s large-scale painted collages layer historical and contemporary events honouring Indigenous knowledges, perspectives and practices. Born and raised in Serpent River First Nation, she is an Anishinabe kwe artist and instructor who teaches Painting and Contemporary Indigenous Art at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. It was a summer of anger because non-Mohawk residents in Chateauguay, the bedroom suburb that was cut off by the bridge blockade, became incensed that natives defying their police were blocking their commute to work. Mr. Cross died in November of a heart attack after he finished a six-year sentence for assault and weapons charges arising from the crisis. Three Sûreté du Québec officers were suspended without pay for beating him after his arrest, but the case had dragged on for so long that they were no longer with the force. After studying journalism and social work, she is now returning to photography. Mohawk Peacekeepers are the sole patrollers on the reserve, after an agreement with Quebec. The province also held back from cracking down on past contentious areas such as gambling, extreme-fighting tournaments or liquor licensing, leaving them to Mohawk-run institutions. Generations of Mohawk men expatriated themselves to become ironworkers on the construction sites of the northeastern United States. That’s because the stakes in the conflict were also numbingly familiar to all native communities, pitting aboriginal territorial claims against the business concerns of their non-native neighbours. It was a summer of anger because non-Mohawk residents in Châteauguay, the bedroom suburb that was cut off by the bridge blockade, became incensed that natives defying their police were blocking their commute to work. Within an hour of the SQ’s arrival, in support of their fellow natives in Oka, hard-line Mohawks at Kahnawake, south of Montreal, blocked the Mercier bridge, a major thoroughfare used daily by 70,000 suburban commuters. “People should not forget what happened,” Mrs. D’Ailleboust defiantly said. “They’re more savage than we are. Remember that we are a people. We owned this land.”

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Because of technology, such as automobiles, snowmobiles, stereo sound systems, computers and other such things, we have lost our traditional ways of life. The video game controller over the head of the famous indian leader Red Cloud acts as a dark cloud placing him in the shadows of life. The radio telescope depicted on our left is a symbol of the search of a new identity. Based on the children’s book Shi-shi-etko by Nicola Campbell, this beautiful story follows a young Aboriginal girl on the last four days before she is taken to residential school. This production is 12 min. and in Halq’emalem with English subtitles. In his first book for young adults, bestselling author Sherman Alexie tells the story of Junior, a budding cartoonist growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. Determined to take his future into his own hands, Junior leaves his troubled school on the rez to attend an all-white farm town high school where the only other Indian is the school mascot. All this is notwithstanding the day that Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli entered the Ontario PC leadership race. Vic had a new take on leadership and a refreshing oratory that suggested a new start and a transformation for their struggling party. Knowing Vic personally, I also knew that he truly gets First Nations issues, priorities and even our frustrations. The question was could he stand up for his vision and overcome the intense pressure of 160 years of assimilationist mentality? Can he singlehandedly alter the perceptions of First Nations within the PC ranks and foster a place where our people feel welcome and compelled to participate in their process? In a locally shot movie, Norman stars 50 feet away from the new, unpopular James Bond replacement . At home, Norman fends off a hungry squirrel that tries to gnaw through his front window. Among his more memorable performances, he entertains Polish students at the Polish Consulate in Montreal. The students applaud Norman’s efforts and his vodka tinged Polish humour. He records and releases his 19th album, ‘Letters from Poland/Lettres de pologne’ – a 14 track, English/French/Polish spoken word cd with tons of new music. Norman plays piano, accordion, tsymbaly and strings, while his Dad sings a genuine Polish drinking song. Norman creates a new solo show spoken word/live music show based on the life of Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian and one of ‘Canada’s Secret Trial Five’ detained under Canada’s Security Certificate. He reconstructs Mohamed’s pre-prison life as a personal diary and accompanies the text with new, Arabic inspired loops, samples & viola. It’s a well known fact that many Native communities suffer from a very low level of economic growth. Partly because banks are unwilling to lend money for business because technically, individuals on the reserve don’t “own” their land. It is held in trust for us by the government and therefore we don’t have the collateral necessary to borrow and participate in the economic prosperity that is Canada. Give us the right to go into debt like the rest of the country. The station would be funded through private donations and through a regular radio bingo program, which it has already started running again. This summer, some people in Kanesatake, northwest of the city, went to the old radio station, cleaned it out and put it back on the air. CKHQ-FM 101.7 was first licensed in 1988 at a paltry 11 watts. Its licence expired in 2004, after the CRTC failed to receive an application for a renewal and gave the station a one-year extension to apply. As this APTN News story explains, the station went into disarray and was effectively abandoned after the former station manager died. The Lachute application was denied, not because of concerns about CKHQ, but because of issues with the application itself. There was a sigh of relief in Kanesatake on Monday that relations between the federal government and the Mohawk reserve wouldn’t be strained over a radio frequency coordination issue. Founded in 2006 by Nadia Duguay and François-Xavier Michaux, Exeko grew from an idea to a staff of nearly 30 people. The idAction program in particular is geared towards teenagers and young adults. It consists of workshops that promote free thought and engagement in social action within a collaborative and inclusive framework. “It made me feel better to be native. I felt stronger,” said Barney McLeod, an Ojibwa sculptor living in Vancouver, who quit his construction job in Toronto during the crisis and drove all night to deliver canned food to Kahnawake. “A lot of people felt sorry for themselves for being native. But after Oka, native people became prouder and stronger.” It is clear looking at the conditions of native people today that things are not any better for them than they were before Oka. Indigenous people still make up the poorest section of Canadian society. First Nations are still routinely denied rights to their land, as we’ve seen in the cases of the Unist’ot’en Camp in B.C. Even in Kanesatake, they are still denied control over their land.

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He hates violin lessons, but loves Ukrainian weddings. He spends his summers on family farms in Manitoba shooting gophers. Public collections can be seen by the public, including other shoppers, and may show up in recommendations and other places. The CBC needs new incidents in everyday Native life to dramatize. How about a TV series starring two undercover RCMP officers investigating the illegal smuggling of cigarettes across the Canada/U.S. Didn’t Native people introduce tobacco to the white man? And like always, this tradition had been taken away and appropriated. Mohawks, like the rest of Canada’s Native people, don’t recognize the imaginary dotted line that separates the Maple Leaf from the Stars and Stripes. The whole philosophy of this piece of land being different from that piece of land is a very bizarre concept. This could only come from the same people who invented coach, business, and first class for the same vehicle. Welcome to AMMSA.COM, the news archive website for our family of Indigenous news publications.

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You cannot predict the outcome of any single game on a video lottery machine. All outcomes are determined by chance, even when a choice is available to the player. Be they older or new generation machines, the average payout rate is the same, i.e. approximately 92%. It is established for each game and is obtained based on millions of games played, the randomness of results, the multitude of games, the variety of prizes and possible combinations. When playing gambling machines, one should always set spending and time limits and respect them regardless of whether they win or lose. If you continue playing when you feel lucky or to gain back your losses, chances are you’ll lose even more money. So your odds of winning or losing are basically the same… every time you play. This is a day where Indigenous folk and non-Indigenous folk remember and reflect upon the children who died in these ‘schools’ and the survivors who lived. For non-Indigenous folks, Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity to show solidarity with Indigenous people of this land – but only if your commitment to solidarity is ongoing and continuous. Although the blockades were triggered by the golf course expansion, it wasn’t what kept them going. In fact, within three days of the standoff, the city announced that the expansion had been cancelled. This is because the question of the golf course expansion was merely a symbolic issue. The people of Kanesatake have never had control over the land that they live on. Their rights had been trampled on by various governments for centuries. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but the Mohawks were looking for more than just the expansion being cancelled. What they wanted, fundamentally, was control over their land and their own communities. When playing lottery machines, it is important to always set spending and time limits and respect them, regardless of whether one wins or loses. The cost of a lottery ticket or the amount of money one spends on lottery tickets is not in and of itself an indicator of a gambling problem. For example, someone might choose to organize a group purchase of a ticket, in turn reducing the cost per person. In addition, different people have different limits and risk factors. The most important thing for people to keep in mind is to never spend more than they can afford to lose. Only a portion of one’s entertainment budget should go to games of chance. It is important to keep in mind that the outcome of each game is independent of the outcome of previous or subsequent games. The entire process starts anew every time a new game is initiated. It is therefore possible for two successive payouts to occur or for payouts to be few and far between. Of course, more losing than winning combinations are programmed. It is therefore to be expected that more losing combinations occur. In accordance with applicable laws, the video lottery network includes a maximum of 12,000 terminals in roughly 2,000 establishments. Terminals can be installed within establishments having a bar or pub licence as well as a licence to operate VLTs, issued by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux . A maximum of 5 machines can be authorized per licence. Consequently, the number of video lottery terminals within a given sector is directly proportional to the number of bars and establishments with a liquor licence within the said sector. What’s more, certain municipalities do not allow the presence of bars on their territory, which explains why certain cities or neighbourhoods have many while others have none. The people of the Attawapiskat First Nation, a Cree community in northern Ontario, were thrust into the national spotlight in 2012 when the impoverished living conditions on their reserve became an issue of national debate. With The People of the Kattawapiskak River, Abenaki director Alanis Obomsawin quietly attends as community members tell their own story, shedding light on a history of dispossession and official indifference.

Mohawk Council of Kanesatake takes Oka to court over The Pines

The Following is a list of bingo halls in Quebec, Canada. If you find’any of thesis listings to be out of date or wish to add Reviews another bingo hall, please let us know. Quevillon and Simon have clashed in the years since 2015, when they acknowledged the need to ensure history didn’t repeat itself. In 1990, the municipality of Oka planned to expand a golf course on that land, sparking the 78-day standoff known as the Oka Crisis. Lawyers for the Mohawk council filed an application for judicial review in Quebec Superior Court last week. They are asking for the courts to quash the bylaw and prevent the municipality of Oka from taking any further actions to limit or inhibit the transfer of The Pines to Mohawk control. While there was general sympathy from the non-native population and there were instances of support from non-Indigenous workers, it never developed far past that. And this is primarily due to the total inactivity of Canada’s labour leadership. Sign up to receive the daily top stories from the National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

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We are therefore unable to verify the identity of those playing there. It is important to set a spending limit to be respected. Only spend a portion of your entertainment budget on gaming activities. Never use money that you have set aside for essential needs such as rent, food, bills, transportation, tuition fees, etc. As a reminder, the “18+” logo is also displayed at all retailer outlets selling lottery products, on ticket display stands, Loto-Québec’s web sites as well as on retailer sales and validation screens. It is true that Loto-Québec’s goal is to make profits, as is the case with any business. However, in this case, if Loto-Québec does not turn a profit, all Quebecers would come out losing. Remember that the totality of its profits is sent to the Québec government to be used to fund services such as education, healthcare, public infrastructure, and more. Moreover, the draw is available online in our video section and viewing it should suffice to convince you the draw isn’t fixed. Did you know that all of our lotteries are subject to external verification by a specialized team who ensures that all stages of a draw occur according to established regulations? This external verification is carried in the name of public interest, on the location of the draws, by third parties who are not Loto-Québec employees. Retailers may, if they choose to do so, propose the purchase of lottery tickets to their customers . Loto-Québec does not ask them to propose lottery products to customers paying for other items. This microchip randomly determines whether the card is red or black before the player makes their selection. All machines issue tickets, which the client can cash whenever they want. Back in 1999, the VLT network counted more than 15,000 terminals—the highest number of terminals ever. In 2001, at the request of the Québec government, we began to reduce the number of VLTs. Then, in 2004, we started to reconfigure the network in order to significantly reduce access to the terminals while ensuring appropriate geographic distribution across the province. By the end of this process in 2009, our network counted 11,751 VLTs in some 1,961 establishments. We have received your question and thank you for your interest in Loto-Québec. There are some 12,000 machines in 2,000 or so establishment throughout the province. However, no official list detailing the locations of these establishments has been made publicly available. Some games require a minimum bet to grant access to a bonus round, a progressive jackpot or a special prize. When this is the case, it is explained in the rules. For every turn , there’s a 1-in-100 chance of getting a red marble, a 29-in-100 chance of getting a blue marble, and a 70-in-100 chance of getting a losing marble. It’s important to point out that after every turn, all the marbles are put back in the bag. Also, the chances of getting a red, a blue or a white marble are the same for every turn or draw. RESOLVED that the CSA work alongside the Indian Students Association to raise awareness around this issue and to release the following solidarity statement to show our support. It is imperative that Elections Canada remedy the barriers that students and workers encounter while voting during this current Federal Election and to provide support to students. In the future, students want to see that the Vote on Campus program is guaranteed for all future elections. Your participation in The Cleanest Day of the Year on June 11, 2022, helps Mission Possible reach our goal of raising $150,000 to support 30 people in starting, and finishing, our Employment… The most amazing latin dance experience is about to shake off downtown Kelowna. Saturday, June 11, an evening to dance salsa and bachata! Fifty gallon barrels of water were being transported by A.T.V.’s. Those that didn’t water lost their plants, especially the young ones. People got jobs guarding, trimming, pruning, and planting. Some planted small patches just for the sake of it.


Enough alcohol silences the demons for a night; a gun and a single bullet silences demons forever. When a friend commits suicide and a former priest appears on television, the community is shattered. James and Jake confront their childhood abuse and break the silence to begin a journey of healing and rediscovery. A passionate call to action, Firewater examines alcohol-its history, the myths surrounding it, and its devastating impact on Indigenous people. With a talk that encourages hope, love, empowerment and igniting a new way of learning together as a nation, Tamara lays bare the world of violence impacting Indigenous women. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Igloolik at the dawn of the first millennium, when nomadic Inuit were masters of the frozen arctic. Evil in the form of an unknown shaman divides a small community of Inuit, upsetting its balance and spirit. Showing your network on social media that you support Truth & Reconciliation brings greater awareness to your network. You can wear an orange shirt, sweater, top on September 30 to show your support. If you would like to purchase an Every Child Matters t-shirt to show support on September 30 and beyond, make sure you are purchasing from an Indigenous organization where proceeds support Indigenous causes or artists. If you are unsure when buying a shirt, ask the seller who the artist is, and where the proceeds from sales go. Those supporting Indigenous organizations will have those answers readily available. Our warriors, our survivors, our community members please visit OUR WARRIORS page for resources, workshops, and events specific to supporting our Indigenous community members through their healing journey. This outcome chart contains media-related learning outcomes from the British Columbia, Grade 10 English First Peoples curriculum, with links to supporting resources on the MediaSmarts site. Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truthis the emotional story of a woman’s struggle to acknowledge her birth family. Grace, a Native girl adopted by a White family, is asked by her birth sister to return to the Reserve for their mother’s funeral. Afraid of opening old wounds, Grace must find a place where the culture of her past can feed the truth of her present. Social aspects of reconciliation, government relations, reconciliation, social conditions, history of Canada. His last binge almost killed him and now he’s a reluctant resident in a treatment centre. But Saul wants peace and he realizes that he’ll only find it through telling his story. Beginning with his childhood on the land, he embarks on a journey through his life as a northern Ojibway, with all its joys and sorrows. Otter Lake is a sleepy Anishnawbe community where little happens. Until the day a handsome stranger pulls up astride a 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle – and turns Otter Lake completely upside down. Maggie, the Reserve’s chief, is swept off her feet, but Virgil, her teenage son, is less than enchanted. Suspicious of the stranger’s intentions, he teams up with his uncle Wayne – a master of aboriginal martial arts – to drive the stranger from the Reserve. And it turns out that the raccoons are willing to lend a hand. Web links and resources that focus on Indigenous issues, storytelling and other aspects linked to EFP. Learn about the art acquisition programs in fiscal year 2018 to 2019 and what artwork was acquired by the Indigenous Art Centre. For us, the Conservative tent is stained redder than the necks of some of their caucus members. After all, it’s a tent stained with the blood and remains of so many of our dreams, and sadly, even a few of our lives. Next came then-Minister of Indian Affairs Bill McKnight, who served in the federal PC government.

The relationship between the Jesuits and the Indigenous people there was paternalistic and oppressive. Because the Jesuits had total ownership of the land, First Nations needed their permission to hunt, fish, farm, or build houses. The Jesuits would frequently have Indigenous people arrested for chopping firewood without their permission, even during the cold winter months. Her travel career began early, where she visited many places throughout Canada and United States; one of her best trips was to New Orleans & going with her aunties to Europe on a Holy tour. She traveled to Graceland she just cried when she got there. One of her last trips was to support her son in Cuba to celebrate his wedding. Our traditional annual events include Diwali, Navratri, Ugadi, Satyanarayana Puja and Annual Picnic. OKA’s Senior Forum develops and implements sociocultural programs to help community seniors. Konkani Premier League holds a cricket tournament in the summer for members of all ages. With the pandemic and lockdown since 2020, OKA has had to innovate and evolve and has been hosting several virtual events to keep the community connected. In 2006, OKA hosted the North American Konkani Sammelan in Hamilton, Ontario. The Ontario Konkani Association was formed when a few Konkani families got together as an informal group in 1988 to celebrate Diwali. As our numbers grew, the need for a formal organization was evident. Today, the association has close to 400 registered members and holds several events annually. You’ll have to call about __ items before someone wins. There’s a __% chance that a lucky player would win after calling __ items. For more control of your online game, create a clone of this card first. During the same period, $43M were spent on the promotion and advertising of various products—notably $29.3M for lotteries and $13.7M for the four casinos in the province. We are of the opinion that encouraging young children attending summer camp to participate in the said activity is not advisable. It is important that such an activity not involve young children and that older children be introduced under the supervision of adults—preferably their parents—who know the child and their personality well. Other studies conducted both within Québec as well as internationally, show that certain segments of the population present a higher occurrence of gaming problems and point out the risks inherent to various gaming products. It should be noted that there are two self-exclusion options; you can either choose a contract with a counsellor or without a counsellor. Should you choose a contract with a counsellor, they will contact you approximately 3 months before the end of your self-exclusion contract to set up an appointment. During this appointment, you will be offered the opportunity to sign a new self-exclusion contract. And finally, all of Loto-Québec’s profits (just over $1 billion last year) are turned over to the government of Québec and used to support its major missions . It is important to bear in mind that according to ENHJEU-Québec—a survey of 12,000 people in 2012 that was updated in 2014—the rate of moderate-risk gamblers is 1.4% and the rate of probable pathological gamblers is 0.4%. These data confirm the results of other studies carried out in 1996 and 2002, showing that these rates have been stable for years. Video lottery terminals are restricted to sections regulated by a liquor license, and not simply a restaurant licence. Consequently, you must be 18 years of age or older to gain access. Article 11 Never encourage customers to continue playing. Keep in mind that, over the years, certain businesses have lost terminals while others have gained some. Perhaps the impression you have is due to the fact that the establishments you have visited had a few more. But as a whole, the number of machines available across the network has gone down, as well as the number of establishments that have them. RESOLVED that the CSA advocate for greater public representation with two councillors for each ward as opposed to only one councillor per ward. A) That the CSA write a public statement in collaboration with the Guelph Black Student Association to stand in solidarity with Nigerians protesting against SARS and condemning police brutality. WHEREAS on October 20th, the Nigerian army and police officers fired into the crowd killing at least 12 protesters. RESOLVED that the CSA work alongside the Indigenous Student Society to respond to this call to action and host a fundraising initiative to provide financial support to these communities.

There were some thirteen year olds working but only a few hired them. This is now being spun by the players into a plot by the feds to drop a lobster into the summer separatiste pot. Meanwhile the First Nations remain under attack from coast to coast. The Bloc Quebecois announce a plan to bill the Feds $250,000 to burn and trash the plants. By this point there has still been no federal intervention, even though federal land, natives, and a federal crime are involved. This whole show could be the result of a political card game among the police, Feds, and the province of Quebec. The game was thrown by the unseen hand of Picard and upset citizens. “As far as most are concerned it’s not a problem to grow for personal use,” said one elderly man. “So much media, turning people into stars who maybe don’t reflect everyone’s view. The Watch Team is a broadly based group within the community which acts to stop trouble before it reaches the ears and arms of federal authority. They will try and sit someone down and take an interest in their problems before they receive outside attention. We encountered five men on the road who were “media hunting”, including Robert Gabriel. Robert Gabriel is Grand Chief Jerry Peltier’s close aide, the Mohawk equivalent of “Minister of Justice and Security”. He invited us to a 7AM press conference the next day. The story broke when some community traditionalists called in the media and walked with them into the cannabis fields. The camcorders whirring in fields of green came as a complete surprise to all those guarding and taking care of the cannabis. A woman who complained about the plants to outside media in July had her vehicle window destroyed and has since received several death threats. Picard has been beaten up twice so far, by “unknown assailants”. I have offered as a prize for January my pattern for Red Rose Shawl. I have also offered for June or July – that’s a long way off – “Cloths of Heaven,” from W. Norwegian MittensThe Druids have taken up residence, in the house, once again. Yes, we have brought in “the tree” which will be, the Christmas tree. I love Christmas Trees, partly because I love trees in general; but I also love an occasion to bring a tree into the house and decorate it (i.e. worship it). Wedgewoord Knitted Teacup from InfiknitI was reading a review of mobile phones and apps on the weekend and the article noted that Microsoft actually had an operating system for hand held devices in the mid 1990s. They obviously decided not to pursue the idea of mini computers at that time, probably because they were building an empire in regular sized personal computers. Maybe they were keeping their idea under wraps for a time when they had exhausted the demand for desk tops and lap tops and then they would move into palm tops. Now, maybe we could combine trees with knitting sculptures – a little like yarn bombing only with taste. The problem with knitted “things” outdoors is they get worn and look very sad after a while. Somehow we have to inventory knitting and yarn available for viewing that maybe begins with yarn shops but extends to the local community. Well, I thought wouldn’t it be great to have an app that would allow you to inventory the trees in your immediate area and then be able to transmit this data to city hall. Then you could create another app to show all the trees on various streets, so when you went for a walk you could comment on each one – maybe even give then names – Charley the Chestnut….or something. Or record minute data, such as, trunk size and number of leaves, age, height etc. I planted two Holly bushes years ago in the garden – you need two bushes – a prince & princess to grow the berries – and the bringing of the Holly into the house each year, to me, is magical. To have in the middle of winter, when everything else is dark and dormant, a plant as bright and lively as the holly to pick sprigs from is amazing. We have also managed to grow, with a lot of struggle, Ivy. Wisteria Beaded Gloves & Socks from Le Tissier I was given two books as Christmas gifts . The books are “Click” by Ori and Rom Brafman and “Split-Second Persuasion” by Kevin Dutton.

However, cards are randomly distributed and each game is independent from preceding or subsequent ones. At table games, the amount bet or the player’s history of wins has no influence on the odds of winning. To learn more about how video lottery machines work, please watch the videos. To learn more about how video lottery machines work, please watch the videos available on our website. Participating in games of chance and gambling entails certain risks. It is important to set limits so as to avoid losing control. The outcome of each game is independent of the outcome of previous or subsequent games. For each and every game, the random number generator selects a winning or losing outcome from among millions of possible combinations. The more bets are being made, the greater the likelihood of a payout. Clients may be under the impression that the video lottery machines are paying out more, but proportionally speaking, that probably isn’t the case. Only establishments holding liquor licences (granted by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux) may request a licence for video lottery terminals . With this kind of slot machine, the animations and outcome of bonus rounds are randomly determined by the random number generator as soon as the bonus game is triggered. It’s exactly the same as with a scratch ticket—the amount you win, if you win , will always be the same regardless of which boxes you scratch. In other words, with this kind of slot machine, no matter which box you choose, it won’t have any impact on the amount of money you may win during the bonus round. The Elections Canada Vote on Campus pilot project launched during the 2015 Federal Election provided students with the opportunity to vote on campus during advance polls. The program also allowed students to cast a special ballot at a location on campus to vote for their home local riding. When asked in 2015, nearly a quarter of the electors who cast their ballots through the Vote on Campus program said they would not otherwise have voted. During the 2019 Federal Election, 111,000 students voted on campus using the Vote on Campus polling stations. The narrative framework of Kevin Bacon Hervieux’s documentary “Innu Nikamu”, expresses real facts. Furthermore, it discerns an impressive symbolic significance. The film recounts the history of the Innu Nikamu Festival, which has celebrated the culture of First Nations for 34 years in the Innu reserve of Maliotenam, on the North Shore. Since the beginning, this festival has taken place on the ruins of the Maliotenam residential school, built in 1952 and destroyed in 1970, after having housed thousands of children. This is a self portrait of my struggling once again with my identity. The repetition of my native status card symbolizes who i am according to the government. Sometimes i feel that without my native status card, i wouldn’t have an identity. This card sets me and my people apart from the rest of the population of our country. I sometimes feels that this card only confirms that we a re different, reinforcing the image of the Hollywood Indian or the John Wayne Indian. The vertical bars symbolize the feeling i have of being a prisoner within this identity and card. Cowboy lore and First Nations mysticism in this affecting novel about the healing effects of family. In pursuit of a world-champion title, Joe Willie Wolfchild suffers a horrific, career-ending accident while riding a temperamental bull named C-4. His supportive family, longtime rodeo people, whisk him back to their ranch to recuperate. Far from the laconic stereotype, this book is filled with his soaring descriptions of the desert landscape, action-packed rodeo scenes, and reverence for hearth and home which will strike a chord with readers. Early on in his career, our local Progressive Conservative MPP provided our community with a few hundred bucks to sponsor the “Mike Harris Family Picnic”. For our people in the mid-1980s, it was merely another occasion for a great Homemaker’s Club fish fry, playing fish-pond and 25 cent Crown & Anchor and holding a rowdy beer garden. I’m not quite sure what Mike Harris got out of it other than a chance at glad-handing and making a short speech to the those of us playing chip bingo in the community hall.

It is also important to understand that prizes are not programed to be won at specific times. Residential ‘schools’ is only a part of Canada’s ongoing colonialism. There is an epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit people. Dozens of First Nations communities lack clean drinking water. There is a disproportionate number of Indigenous children in foster care. Six years after the completion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the 94 Calls to Action have barely been completed. It gave people an opportunity to work in a community of 95% unemployment. The federal government cut money for development projects in half two years ago. Oka Park, which is our land, doesn’t even hire Mohawks. There is an old song by Bob Dylan that is part of a new ad, now. It has the lines, “try and catch the wind.” There is something elusive about the wind. Something that cannot be harnessed and maybe that is what we sense and long for. Perhaps we are hard wired to be free; but we know that we would then have to deal with everyone else’s sense of freedom and maybe that wouldn’t work in a city of several million or even a town of a few hundred. So we are nice, because we want everyone else to be nice and we control the desire to be one with the wind. Until 2011, only the former shoemaker’s shop remained, where the festival had established its offices. “After a while, we wondered why certain people never came to the festival,” says Kevin Bacon Hervieux, who’s also one of the organizers of the event. In 2011, the community burnt the building with tobacco, which has a sacred value in Innu culture. Music is a valuable tool for intercultural rapprochement. It creates opportunities for encounters and exchanges. It allows one to express the love they have for their language and culture and the desire to keep them alive and promote them. Friendships are born around a score, like here with the choir of Christ-Roi d’Amos parish, where Non-Natives and Indigenous are in sync. When shared, music opens the door to a new way of living together, based on harmony, mutual knowledge and recognition. Peter Pelchat was born in 1968; his father is Québécois and his mother, Cree. He lives and works in Chisasibi, where he has taught since 2003. Pelchat has a Visual Arts degree from Concordia University. “Taaqtumi” is an Inuktitut word that means “in the dark”―and these spine-tingling horror stories by Northern writers show just how dangerous darkness can be. A family clinging to survival out on the tundra after a vicious zombie virus. A door that beckons, waiting to unleash the terror behind it. A post-apocalyptic community in the far North where things aren’t quite what they seem. With chilling tales from award-winning authors Richard Van Camp, Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, Aviaq Johnston, and others, this collection will thrill and entertain even the most seasoned horror fan. Going home was never an option for single mother Lena Mahikan . But when her 13-year-old, Peeka overdoses in the streets of Toronto, she is forced to return home to her estranged mother and face a life-long legacy of shame and resentment. Empire of Dirt is a story about second chances and summoning the power of family to soothe the pain of cyclical damage.

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Review: Oka, Carlisle – colourful dishes and decor, brilliant flavours at new addition to city.

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Wherever they go, the Fur Queen–a wily, shape-shifting trickster–watches over them with a protective eye. For Jeremiah and Gabriel are destined to be artists. Born into a magical Cree world in snowy northern Manitoba, Champion and Ooneemeetoo Okimasis are all too soon torn from their family and thrust into the hostile world of a Catholic residential school. Their language is forbidden, their names are changed to Jeremiah and Gabriel, and both boys are abused by priests. The agreement allowed the flame to pass through a community that played a role in the Oka crisis, a tense summer-long standoff between aboriginals and police in 1990. On Dec. 8, the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee agreed to drop the usual RCMP escort for the Olympic flame as it passed through a Mohawk reserve. Games organizers made the concession after a flurry of negotiations with community members who were upset by the prospect of a non-aboriginal police force patrolling their territory. In a place and time when Indigenous people often have to contend with representations that marginalize or devalue their intellectual and cultural heritage, this collection is a testament to Indigenous resilience and creativity. It shows that the ways in which we read, listen, and tell play key roles in how we establish relationships with one another, and how we might share knowledges across cultures, languages, and social spaces. Read, Listen, Tell brings together an extraordinary range of Indigenous stories from across Turtle Island . From short fiction to as-told-to narratives, from illustrated stories to personal essays, these stories celebrate the strength of heritage and the liveliness of innovation. Rich in insight and bold in execution, the stories proclaim the diversity, vitality, and depth of Indigenous writing. Zus Price, a long-time resident and community volunteer in Deux-Montagnes, has been named the Parade Marshall for the 2014 celebrations. Mrs. Price was born in Holland in 1923 and came to Canada in 1946. Arriving in Deux-Montagnes in the early 50’s, Mrs. Price has been running a badminton league since the late 60s, keeping many generations of DM residents fit and healthy. At age 90, Mrs. Price continues to run the league, while also volunteering with “Meals on Wheels”, an organization dedicated to delivering meals to seniors who are struggling to maintain their independence. Though she continues to drive, Mrs. Price can be often seen riding around town on her bicycle, with her dog in her basket. Knock ‘em dead audio-visual talk next day about the history of anarchist visual art. Three of the city’s top recording engineers & producers – Larry Cassini, Gregory Smith, & David Sturton – help make the album a critical, dance and DJ friendly masterpiece. “Heavenly looped violins, warm percussion & insightful spoken word…Never a dull moment on the disc”- Urbnet. Norman, with New York trumpet prodigy, Aaron Shragge (ex-Montréaler) & soundscape engineer/DaZoque! /Loco Locass guitarist Gregory Anderson Smith forms an experimental, instrumental jazz improv trio, ‘The Montreal Manhattan Project.’ Normbo plays sampled viola & cello. Isabelle plays her harp through distortion pedals & a guitar amplifier, using metal objects and a whip. Norman adds amplified violin & viola, bells, whistles and French texts. Norman continues solo music/spoken word performances & his ‘sex’ shows across Canada. That same frequency is used by CKHQ-FM , a low-power community station serving the reserve about 25 kilometres away. Because of Kanesatake’s proximity to Montreal, there aren’t other frequencies available that would be nearly as good, even for such a low-power station.

The RACJ issues licences authorizing the operation of VLTs, but ultimately, the decision to authorize VLTs within a given establishment lies with the Société des loteries vidéo du Québec—a Loto-Québec subsidiary. Before any such authorization is issued, an assessment according to rigorous management parameters based on a series of specific socioeconomic criteria is performed. This assessment allows for the balanced geographic distribution of video lottery terminals across the network as a whole. “The Way of the Sword” is a story about a young girl, also named Dawn, who obsessively reads Conan the Barbarian comics. Dawn loves Conan because, as she says, the story of his people “mirror the story of Native people” . Finding her own experiences “mirrored” in Conan’s stories sustains Dawn and helps her find a way to counter the stereotypes of Native people that she contends with on a daily basis. But when Dawn is confronted with a real-life challenge by a group of older, stronger girls, she needs to find a solution other than hand-to-hand combat. The agreement in question set up an assistance program for pathological gamblers and the people close to them. Every year, $22 million is paid to the MSSS, which has the mandate to offer a line of services related to pathological gambling, ranging from prevention to treatment and including research and evaluation. The money paid each year finances all the services required to reach all 16 regions of Québec. Loto-Québec also has programs and measures in place to keep players informed and encourage them to adopt low-risk gambling habits, as well as measures in gambling establishments to support players who dealing with a loss of control. For games of pure chance, as is the case with machine or roulette games, all possible outcomes are software programmed. The same applies for games played with pretend money. Loto-Québec indicates the approximate odds of winning a prize, the approximate odds of winning the grand prize, as well as the payout rate for each of its games on its lotteries site. This same information can be found on the back of tickets. On average, Loto-Québec gives back approximately 60% of the money bet through instant lotteries to players in the form of prizes of various amounts. Players who have requested to be barred from Loto-Québec’s gambling establishments may continue to purchase lottery products from retailers. However, lotteries are games of chance like any other and playing comes with the same risks for players who are at grips with a gambling problem. When players decide to join an auto-exclusion program, it is because gambling has taken over their lives. Thus, it is a good idea to take a complete break from all games of chance. Many studies conducted on adults and minors establish a link between taking up gambling at a young age and the risk of developing a gambling problem later on in life. The higher the risk of developing a gambling problem. Yes, people from other countries may play our lottery games as well as games in our casinos, gaming halls, Kinzo halls and other venues . In the event that people from outside Canada win a prize, they may easily cash their winnings if they are directly deposited in a bank account in Québec or elsewhere in Canada. If winners deposit their cheque in an account in a country other than Canada, the laws of that country, including tax laws, will apply. With lotteries, as with almost every other game of chance or gambling, it is impossible to predict or control the outcome of the round or game, regardless of how long one plays or how much one bets. Some players can win the grand prize by buying a single ticket, while others will win only rarely or never, or will only win small amounts.

Shortly after, they filed a less comprehensive claim in 1977, which sat in the system for nine years before being rejected. After her retirement her most fulfilling job was her role of grandmother; Her pride was her grandchildren Matthew Minoose and twins Kyler and Bayley. She supported her grandsons in every adventure, holiday and was their best friend instilling her values of unconditional love and kindness. She earned her long life and as she worked hard all her life. Martha graduate grade 12 of St. Mary’s Residential School in the first class to graduate grade 12 before classes only went to grade 9. She worked many part-time jobs before attending Nursing School in Olds, Alberta where she graduated as a Register Nursing Assistant. After this she moved to Edmonton and worked at Charles Campsell Hospital were, she met her husband and they married in 1966. In 1978, they moved to Cold Lake where she took a course to drive big rigs and worked along side her husband business. Martha enjoyed bringing her mother in law to Bingo where she began her part-time bingo career. Martha then returned to school in Lac Biche to become a Community Health Representative then began her work on Cold Lake First Nations. After her husband passing, Martha became an elected leader served on Chief and Council of Cold Lake First Nation for 6 years and served as Interim Chief in 1982. She fought vigilantly for our Treaty Rights in the early 1980’s and advocated for education for all. Later she moved home to Blood Reserve to care for her dad and worked in her nursing career. She worked in Tribal Government on the Blood Reserve as a Researcher. Martha had a vast amount of our traditional history on both the Blood Tribe and Cold Lake First Nations a true walking encyclopedia and a true storying teller. She treated everyone extra special and you just felt better. She retired as CHR for the Blood Tribe Dept of Health. We presume that you are referring to problems relating to excessive gambling. The Government of Québec receives 22 million dollars annually from Loto-Québec to be reinvested in research on games of chance and problem gambling, treatment offered to gamblers and their loved ones, as well as prevention. Among the disadvantages is the high risk of losing their bet. Children do not possess the cognitive maturity necessary to adequately understand the concepts of chance, odds or probabilities. What’s more, children, and especially young children, may not be able to distinguish between playing with or without money—for them, in either case, it’s just a game. One can consider their gaming to have reached problematic proportions when they go on playing and betting despite the fact that they are experiencing negative consequences as a result of the said gambling activities. One’s gambling habits compromise, perturb or pose an obstacle to their personal and professional happiness. The pathological player for their part has totally lost control over their gaming habits. This leads to numerous negative consequences in all aspects of their lives. The Corporation gives $22M to the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux every year. This money serves to fund research and the development of preventive and treatment measures by addiction rehabilitation centres that offer effective and free programs to players and their families throughout the province. We always seek to provide our players with a maximum of information, allowing them to make informed decisions, and determine their time and budget limits, thus avoiding any loss of control. Responsible gambling is of great concern to Loto-Québec. We take concrete measures to ensure that a game remains a game. Players who are at risk of developing a gambling problem tend to lose control of their gambling habits.

The police came in the middle of a traditional tobacco ceremony and, without warning, fired smoke and concussion grenades into the blockade camp. This resulted in a gunfight between the Mohawks and police. An estimated 93 rounds were shot off in 20 seconds, which resulted in the death of an officer. It is still unclear which side he was shot from, but shortly after, the SQ retreated. These tensions lead to a number of struggles in the 18th and 19th centuries, the most significant being led by Mohawk Chief Joseph Onaskenrat in the 1860s through 1870s. He emboldened the local Mohawks to protest their conditions, and petitioned the government for title to the land on multiple occasions. He led a mass conversion of Christian Mohawks from Catholicism to Protestantism in protest of the Jesuits, and in 1869, he chopped down a large elm tree as a direct challenge to their authority. He and a group of armed Mohawks even threatened an armed uprising against the Jesuits.

The new entity is separate from the old one, but has the full support of both the current owner and the Mohawk Council of Kanesatake. Because transfers of ownership require CRTC approval first, the station is technically still owned and managed by Nelson’s United Voices corporation, but Gaspé’s Mohawk Multi Media has been mandated to actually do the work. Officially, a transfer of assets has taken place, but because the equipment was destroyed the actual value of those assets is $0. But the most significant change would be on the regulatory level. Stations at 50 watts or below are considered low-power unprotected stations, which means another station can apply for a licence for that frequency or an adjacent one and bump it off that frequency. In most areas that wouldn’t be an issue, but being so close to Montreal , there are no other frequencies available it can realistically move to, so such a situation would force it off the air. The increased power would mean a better signal within the community, and more people being able to listen in adjacent ones like Oka, Hudson, and maybe parts of Vaudreuil. Emily Carr’s teen programs focus on skills development, creativity and personal growth. Individual courses, afterschool and weekend workshops, camps and intensives are on now, offered in-person and online. Exeko helped by inquiring into potential institutional sources while the participants planned local fundraising, like the sale of raffle tickets at a lacrosse tournament and bringing bingo back on the air. Popular in the past, bingo has proved an important source of funding since the station launched in September. “All these things can be addressed through the power of the radio,” she continued. “Then, some in the group being musicians and DJs, the idea of music as a simple way to unite people came up.” The young men and women aged 20 to 36 who took part in Pikwadin were given Friday afternoons off throughout July so they could attend the idAction workshops. Exeko’s team featured mediators Daniel Blémur and Maxime Langlois-Goulet and coordinator Pronovost. They used the closed youth center as a meeting space. Exeko often seeks out partnerships with other organizations so its educational and cultural services can complement resources already in place. This helps them reach the group of people for whom a program is conceived in a structure where those people are already mobilized by the partner organization. These partnerships also involve the use of available locations and infrastructures for hosting Exeko’s activities. We believe that our region needs and deserves quality, investigative journalism that gets to the heart of what matters. If you share that belief, and you’d like to help us keep publishing our stories, please consider joining us today. You made it to the very bottom of this article, which we hope means that you found it valuable. Most of our articles are considered long in today’s digital media world. She said native people are facing a life and death situation and they must stick together. Gilbert Hill, a Cayuga Indian from Brantford, said he supports the natives involved in the B.C.

bingo oka

However, because every Lotto Max play contains 3 combinations, you need to divide this number by 3. How are the probabilities of 1 in 28,633,528 established for the Lotto Max jackpot? To play this lottery, you must choose a combination of 7 digits from 1 to 49. At the draw, 7 balls numbered from 1 to 49 are picked one after the other without being put back with the others. Therefore, the player has a 1-in-49 chance of predicting the first digit, a 1-in-48 chance of selecting the second digit, and so on and so forth until the seventh digit drawn (a 1-in-43 chance). First of all, an at-risk player is someone who admits to occasionally losing control of their gaming habits, leading to one or more negative consequences on their personal or professional lives. Loto-Québec has a dual mission combining its commercial mandate of generating revenue for the government and its social mandate of minimizing any negative consequences linked to games of chance. We seek daily to reconcile these two complementary mandates. However, the rules are the same for all online games, regardless of whether you are playing with pretend or real money. The odds of winning the grand prize at Lotto 6/49 are 1 in 13,983,816. If you purchase 2 Cadeau surprise tickets, you have a 2-in-1,000,000 chance of winning the grand prize. If you purchase 1 Cadeau surprise ticket, you have a 1-in-1,000,000 chance of winning the grand prize. All prizes, including grand prizes, are available the moment new products go on sale. On the other hand, if the product has been available for sale for a while at the time you purchase your ticket, some of the prizes and grand prizes may have already been claimed, giving the illusion that there are fewer winners. However, in reality, the odds of winning remain exactly the same. Payouts are always unpredictable on both older or new generation machines. All outcomes are determined by chance, even when a choice—such as the number of lines to bet on—is available to the player. However, for a game on another three-reel machine, the manufacturer states that the theoretical odds of winning the 800-credit jackpot on a three-credit wager are established at 8 for every 32,768 spins . In this case, the likelihood of winning the jackpot is greater. I seem to have noticed that since you have declared a loss of income, machines almost never pay out—I play 5-reel games and rarely get free rounds.

One man, Angus Jacob, was picked up by police on the way to go shopping with his wife, where he was then kicked and choked. His nephew-in-law, Daniel Nicholas, was strapped to a chair and beaten, slapped, and burned with cigarettes. The Oka crisis, or the Kanesatake Resistance, stands today as a heroic example of Indigenous militancy. It is widely held as a turning point for the Indigenous movement in Canada, and has served as a basis of inspiration for similar blockades ever since. As we have been witnessing an uptick in the Indigenous struggle, it is important to study the Oka crisis in order to learn the lessons that will help today’s movement win. © 2022 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. There’s also hope for reconciliation with the wider community. For the first time Kanesatake has a grand chief who speaks fluent French. On July 11, Simon plans to walk down the hill where the barricade lay 25 years ago and shake hands with Oka mayor Pierre Quevillon. Business with non-native customers seems to be brisk, and locals tell me they employ some Mohawks. Even so, I am told that unemployment is a problem and many young people leave the community. The town ultimately abandoned the golf course expansion and sold the land to Ottawa for transfer to the Mohawks. And for a young reporter, paid to camp and hike, meet federal leaders and international press, a total blast. To bring the Konkani community together and to promote and preserve Konkani culture and heritage through education, art, language, charitable and recreational activities and events. Most people participate in such activities for entertainment and because, clearly, they hope to win. Lastly, it should be noted that introducing children to gaming and gambling early on increases the risk that they develop gambling problems as adults. For starters, we have no knowledge as to the context within which this activity is being organized, nor the manner in which it is effectively taking place—therefore we are assuming that no money is being bet. Poker nonetheless remains symbolically tied to money, prestige and social recognition as much for children as for adults. It is impossible to purchase a ticket with 50 combinations because each play is composed of three combinations. Has experienced several significantly negative consequences as a result of their gaming habits. Has experienced one or more negative consequences as a result of their gaming habits. For more information on what measures have been implemented to promote healthy gambling habits, see the Awareness programs and measures page. The self-exclusion program is not available in bars because we do not own these establishments.

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