Inside the Markham casino bust

The budget has to be approved and spending reported to Parliament. Madam Speaker, the hon. member was here when the NDP re-wrote the federal budget of 2005 and put in $4.8 billion of a stimulus for public transit and everything else. We re-wrote the federal Liberal budget, which the Liberals accepted, and yet the Conservatives ripped that up and told us we were irresponsible. The government was still in surplus for a time after that and paid down the debt, as that hon. member knows, and he is a great member of Parliament. It was not the NDP that issued confidence votes; it was the Conservatives. What government tells our most honoured citizens of the RCMP, in an email prior to Christmas and without any consultation, that they will get an increase of only 1.5%.

They add guests to the luxury venue were by invitation only where they could dine on chef prepared food including illegal shark fins. Sex trafficking is also suspected and is under investigation. Because of the vast amount of money involved the 2-acre grounds were guarded by german shepherd dogs. Thirty-three people have been charged with more than 70 counts, including alcohol and weapons charges, police said.

teens arrested in violent bank robbery in Markham

Along with a million dollars in cash and $1.5 million worth of alcohol. “As casinos closed … it opened up an opportunity for these extravagant locations to make a profit,” said Slack. “Human sex trafficking is also suspected and is also under investigation.” Turning Stone Resort Casino has been back to its daily operation for several weeks now and the gaming hotspot is… The July 23 raid was initially intended to take place one week earlier. However, aerial surveillance indicated the presence of children on the premises and the strike was delayed.

  • One case under their competence crashed down when the defense claimed that York police had illegally taped confidential discussions between the defendants and their attorneys.
  • The police informed that 14 people were caught gambling red-handed and later arrested by the on-duty policemen.
  • Mr. Speaker, I am more than happy to invite that member to any briefing that he wants about what this $3 billion actually means.

Should the housing market collapse, many Canadians will owe more than they own. Talk of a housing bubble in Canada, specifically Toronto and Vancouver, has been going on for some time. In the last 20 years, home prices have gone up by 375% in Canada. In Toronto and Vancouver, the prices have increased by 450% and 490% respectively. So despite there being a severe shortage of affordable housing, our not too clever PM has decided to increase immigration to over 430,000 this year to ensure that this housing bubble continues to grow. Further, to suggest the real estate market will collapse like some meme stock or pandemic tech unicorn with no profit is also absurd. More indicators are beginning to reflect a cooling of sentiment, though.

How To Build A Successful Career In Real Estate In Ontario

Robitaille said in late 2020 and early 2021, she and her firm reported concerns along with “detailed video and photo support” to the assistant Crown attorneys charged with prosecuting the case. Thirty-three people have been charged with more than 70 counts, including alcohol and weapons charges, York Regional Police said. She adds Wei agreed to forfeit his interest in the mansion at 5 Decourcy Court in Markham as well as $960,000 in seized cash and gaming equipment. In an emailed response sent Monday, media officer Const. Laura Nicolle says York police are conducting a “thorough investigation” into the complaint. The letter also says police alleged they have found a gun holster in Wei’s bedroom during a secondary search on July 24. But Robitaille maintains that holster was planted in an attempt to connect Wei to other guns found elsewhere in the mansion.

Police bust illegal casino and spa north of Toronto, seize 20000 sq. ft. mansion and $1M in cash – CTV News Toronto

Police bust illegal casino and spa north of Toronto, seize 20000 sq. ft. mansion and $1M in cash.View Full coverage on Google News

Posted: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Needless to say, his legal team is keeping an eye on things. Wei Wei decided to sign a two-year common-law peace bond, which Robitaille immediately secured for her client. He agreed to forgo his portion of the proceeds from the sale of 5 Decourcy, which Wei had advertised for $10 million and lay no claim to the guns and cash found in the gun safe. (However, the cops were obliged to return all of his liquor.) Wei’s wife and daughter’s charges were also put on hold.


The operation saw police execute search warrants at several addresses in York Region, with YRP getting assistance from OPP and Durham police. Project Endgame was initiated in May with the launch of an investigation surrounding underground casinos across Markham. Finally, it’s important to remember that not all gambling is illegal and unsafe. There are plenty of online and land-based casinos that are regulated and licensed by gambling authorities and follow their jurisdiction’s gambling rules.

  • Mr. Speaker, in fact, that is what we are having this discussion about.
  • We also know that the 2005 Criminal Code trafficking offences are now being used by our police.
  • Wei Dong, 32, who lived on the premises, was charged with multiple offences, including keeping a gaming house, 11 counts of unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a stolen firearm.
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